How to make points

I’m making a game where you capture the other team’s flag but I’m trying to make it where there is a scoreboard counting a certain amount of points then the game ends how do i make it

My/@WhoAmI’s way -
Get a flag capture zone. Use blueberries as scores in the leaderboard and when the flag is captured, get a item granter and put it into blueberries. Wire it so when flag captured, grant item.

Make sure to turn off consumible or resource items for players not to cheat!

Maybe you could have a team-scoped property that increases when the flag is captured, and the leaderboard tracks that property.

If you need any other capture the flag resources, here they are:

it doesn’t work i tried

Really? Did you make it a number property? Also, it has to increment a team-scoped counter that updates the property.

yeah it doesn’t work it just breaks the game

I did that on my map though…

Maybe try using this except make the counters visible and place them in a spot that everyone can see on the map, like on the territory line.

Did you try this guide? If you want the game to end after a certain amount of points, go the both of the counters, click on the target tab, then set target to yes then set the target to whatever you want. Connect both counters to an end game device

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