How to make overlay that is visible to only 1 player?

i’m making a FNaF Multiplayer, and I want the guard to have overlays for both cameras and doors

Set the overlay to player scoped then set it to visible for that player.

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it only says “player”.

How are you picking the player that you need it to show for?

I can’t see that screen shot.

make the relay relay to whichever team the guard is on

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I’m going to the “scope” tab and I see content scope and stuff and setting everything there to “player”

Set the scope to player, and make sure that there are no relays making multiple people see the overlay

that might work but you could also just do a relay

You will still need to activate it for the player with a different device.

the overlays are shown when the guard teleports to the office

Are you using a zone?

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no, there is a wire linked to a teleporter and the overlays
and also, i’ve read those guides

so, what you want is an overlay that only shows to one person, correct?

Is it present for the whole game?

multiple ones, yes
and no, not the whole game, they disappear when the guard checks cams, showing new overlays. but they return when the guard closes the cams

i’ve never played fnaf

how are you making the guard checking the cams?

there is a button that teleports them to a certain area on the map, and they click those overlays to teleport to different cams like a whole security system, there is also a button to teleport them back to the office

give me a sec…

Button pressed → trigger relay

Relayed → show overlay

Button pressed (the one that takes you out) → hide overlay

wire 1
overlay button?