How to make mutiple levels for your battle royale games

Recently i made a battle game mode with this system and it works very well
so i decided to give a guide on how to make a map selection system since i havent seen it on here before.


first make atleast 2 buttons then a counter here is an example from my map of how the settings look
button 1
button 2

then make the counter updates a property

then make a property with these settings


then you make a room like this

you are going to want to add a text countdown like this
have a repeater repeat a task 41 times
make a counter that starts at 40 and has a target number of 0
make the counter update a property and then when the counter reaches 0 you need to send a message to do a check that checks that if the stage property equals 1 it sends a message on one channel and if equals -1 it goes on another. then make 2 relays then make it relay when receiving on those 2 channels. once you have done that make it send a message on a channel that when recieved a teleporter teleports the players to a stage
the property is for some block code (its simple VERY simple so dont worry!)

edited the guide making it more understandble with some pictures! :smiley:


Nice first guide!

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Good first guide though.


@thesonicfan12 , if you added a lifecycle —> relay —> trigger loop —> your checking system
then the upgrade becomes automatic!

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cool I didn’t know that at the time of making this guide thanks!

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just to note I have now added more pictures to the guide! I hope this helps give more detail

if you want to make a trigger loop go here :

bumping this up just in case some people will need this

also didn’t mention this but you can add more than 2 stages if you want you just need to do some changing of how it works