How to make moving wall

please help me i need

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anyways w/ that out of the way:

im not 100% sure. but if ur using a barrier. when u want it to move. you can make one appear. then disappear. then another one appears. then disappear and continue on.

if ur using a prop. same thing.

essay moment. also i hoped this helped!!

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okay, also whats the solution button?

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Do you mean a terrain or a barrier prop?

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solution button is when something works for you
you click it on their post
for example
my post at the top
if it worked
you clicks solution
if it didnt
you keep looking

like that? djkshjdhfjdhkjasdhfjkasfh

well dont give solutions randomly
and try not to um…
spam random letters
if u want to say a short message
jst type ur message
then after that
“<random bunch of letters,>”
but u can’t have a comma. i put it there to show u.

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well you gave me a idea to help me. sooo i gave you that solution


glad to help

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How was the fall?

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