How to make money

I’m making a city rp map. And i want it to be where when a Worker enters the building they get money but when they leave the money stops coming in. I’ve tried a lot of ways and I even know if it’s possible. Please Help

I will do some searching and let you know if I got it to work or not unless someone gets it before me

Are you planning to be the worker or what is suppose to be the worker?? @Gimbeast

Enters Zone > Grant Item
Enters Zone > Wire repeater
Wire repeater > Deactivate Zone

i think that works
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Use a zone.
Use channels.

When player Enters Zone [broadcast smth to start repeater] Start repeater and When player exits zone [broadcast smth to end repeater] Stop Repeater

Then wire the repeater to an item granter with Cash inside,
Repeater runs task > Grant item

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It only gives me the money once. I need it to give money forever until they leave. And when they comeback they can do it all over again.

Look at Clamitycannon… this will make it continuously go

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