How to make log bridge (Difficulty 0/10 or ⬜ )

How to make a log bridge!

Screenshot 2023-09-07 2.49.23 PM

First start with placing water { Any Color } as walls
Screenshot 2023-09-07 2.54.34 PM

Then place a stripe of water { Any Color } as Floors
Screenshot 2023-09-07 2.57.56 PM

Then place A log or snowy log
Screenshot 2023-09-07 3.00.56 PM

Final step go on layers and make it Below
Screenshot 2023-09-07 3.03.36 PM

And now you have a Log Bridge
Please use this on a Map


Nice guide! I suggest that you add the art tag.


Nice guide, but I suggest making guides that are a bit longer (no offence) to avoid clutter. Maybe you can add on how to hide and show the log.

Nice art guide, but I suggest adding how to make it a bridge to walk over.

(hint: teleporters)

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You can walk over it by turning off collision

ok thanks for the idea!

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Aw, I didn’t think of that. Smart idea!


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