How to make Kirby!

Step 1. Get your sentry and some barriers.

Go to layers and make the sentry at the bottom of the layers

2.Make the barriers pink & a circle and cover the sentry

Step 3. for the eyes (⬬) and put them above everything in the layers

Step 4.Get Red tiny squares for the feet.

Sorry I didn’t put images.


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These are my others

I suggest putting all your characters into one guide


Okay I’ll make an ultimate guide soon

Nice guide @kirbyking!

i would just make one and have a regular make a wiki for you so you can edit it and have less clutter to the forum.


One problem, i don’t know how to make a wiki

you can’t but a regular can make one for you.

Whats a regular ???

a Trust level, its someone who is an active and trusted member of the community you can see who is one by the title next to a persons name or by clicking on their profile. There are 29 regulars on this community. My self being one.


How do you become a regular ???


To become a regular

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And to get the licensed badge go to the greetings message and say to discobot “@ Discobot start advanced tutorial”.

That"s going to take 10000000 years Noe one likes my guides almost all the time :(.

no it only took me 45 days to get it, the earlest so far on this forum, and i would say go for it, you never know when you may get it, jeff is kind and if you thinks your ready for it, he’ll give it to you.

Who’s Jeff?? I never heard of him unless your talking about the guy who helped make fishtopia

no im talking about the co-owner of gimkit and the main moderator on the forum. Here is his profile. He is the one who deals with that stuff.

Kirbo says: Poyo. Also, here is another way:

how to make kirby

First you draw a circle, then you dot the eyes, add a great big smile, and presto, it’s Kirby! from Kirby’s adventure