How to make kinda a revival system

Hey peeps! Haven’t made a guide in a long time so decided why not to make this. Enjoy and have fun with this system!

Devices Needed

Two Speed Modifiers, One Waypoint (Optional) and a Tag Zone
Screenshot 2024-02-29 6.34.12 PM

Speed Modifier

So this includes both of the modifiers for the first one put the speed to 0 and make it broadcast whatever.

Next, make the second speed modifier the original speed the player was before they got hurt and make and set player to configured speed when receiving healed


So first, make the waypoint track a player and put the name of the waypoint “Player Hurt” or anything else of course and then make it start following the player when whatever channel you want and make it stop when the channel receives healed

Tag Zone

Last device this is kinda the most important one, If you have cooperative on then you only need one of this device but if you have more than one team then you need more of these exact copies. Note: Only copy them after you’re done coding. Ok first, make the setting respawn tagged player to NO and make the tag area the entire map next. When player tags broadcast healed.

There you finished your revival system. Enjoy using your new thingie


So when the speed modifier receives something it makes the player not able to move. Next it activates the waypoint letting other players know you’re down. Finally when a player tags you you are set back to your normal speed!

Is there a way to do this with gadgets?

uhhhh no not really unless you can detect when a player dies and make them not respawn but you could do it with pseudo health

Short and sweet! Perfect! Great job!

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You could cover the map in checkpoints.

That’ll take a lot of memory right?

Yes, and there’s a checkpoint limit.

soo that wouldn’t work I’m just assuming you can’t do it yet

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