How To Make Jails/Prisons/Dungeons

Hi! This will probably come in handy to you people who want to make castles, palaces and whatnot. I’ll show you 3 kinds of prisons I like to make.
Before that, though, here is some info that applies to ALL OF THESE.

  • You should add a camera view device for each cell, so the “prisoner” can only see inside THEIR cell.
  • (credits to this idea go to @Haiasi) Put a button outside the jail and make it so that when you press it, you get teleported to the inside of the jail.
  • (again, @Haiasi) You can make it so that when you press the button, you get teleported to some room out in space that seems to be the interior of the cell.
Basic Prison

So basically, you use the MOST STANDARD LOOKING stuff here, like normal Barriers, medieval beds, and metal flooring. Make sure to add a trash can. Also, broccoli plates are ideal for the food.

Laser Prison

Basically, the laser beams are keeping the prisoners at bay. Use space beds in the corners. You can put space trash just for the “i’m in prison” vibe. I like to use black tables with cheese plates and broccoli plates on them. You can put cups of water if you want to.
Also, the scroll with the Gim on it looks kinda like a wanted poster so you can pin that up.

Old Castle Dungeon

The point of this one is to make it look old, musty, dusty, crusty, and ew. Use Gray Stone Barrier, and surround the Dirt terrain. Then, put patches of Moss, scrolls, codexes, and whatever into your “cells”.

Rich Person Jail

This jail is for rich people, who paid to have a ‘luxury cell’. Use Concrete terrain, and each cell should be big. Then, decorate with medieval cups, fruit boxes, water cups, candles, fluffy medieval beds, and books.

Thanks for reading and I hope this is NOT COMPLETELY USELESS!!!


It is, actually, not completly usless! I like it. :slightly_smiling_face: :upside_down_face: :wink: :melting_face:


Cute guide!

Nice Guide!
Maybe you can add a basic prison, the doors of the prison are blocked with metal poles and when you press a button, you teleport inside.
(Not actually inside, you teleport to another room which seems to be the inside of the prison cell)


great idea! i’ll be sure to add that soon.

This is amazing for a prison role-play game I am trying to make, thanks!


Yeah, this guide can give people inspiration about how to build.

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Honestly, I do love the guide. It seems useful for the prison I am making.

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