How to make jailbreak

Help pls I need a ideas for my jailbreak

Can you tell me how you want it?

Jail cells?

You can add in a dynamite function where you can blow a hole in the wall, and then the guards have to fix the walls or else the prisoners can keep escaping.

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Every thing the map, the robbery,

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Yes I need when you get arrested you teleport to the jail

Base off the game jailbreak on Roblox

Have tagging for the guards and have a respawn in the jail cell

Ok, i know what you are going for.

How would I make a tazer

How bout drivable cars and helicopters

Yeah, i like that.

I mad a battle royal

How about hide something in the jail cells and once the players find it they can unlock the door, but if they get caught they switch to a new cell.

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I like that idea, nice.

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@WolfTechnology you gonna help me agin with putting up porps?

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I’m working on a jailbreak type thing too. I have added some lore a little bit. My map is unfinished soo… yeah. But if you want people to help on the jailbreak, I can help!

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Sure, i just need access to it again.

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@JAY123 that’s what i kind of did

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