How to make it to where when you die you spawn somewhere diffrent in among us

yeah idk how to pls help me

Ummm I am fairly sure you can you a checkpoint or sum

in the spawn point you can press the during phase. it will have a when you die option

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but like how cause when they die they need to spawn somewhere like be TP back to the lobby while the imp does its thing

Thanks so much man it worked!!!

no problem. PS try looking at the comunity made guides. they have some cool things for among us. also plz share your mape with me when you are done

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how do i do that? cause i never done that before

if you wan’t to post it (1000 gim bucks) you can open settings then press publish

it will make your map public so people can play it. then there should be a link

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ok! that will definatly help me!!!

but i dont have 1000 but i can get it free i have season 1 and 2 ticket

ok. is the tickets good. would you recomend it

and you need a buddy not a solo

Yesssssssssssssss!!! most deffinatly

i just found something. there is a showcase for under level 50. if you want you could try that. it gives you a link

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