How to make it that everybody on team 1 is given popup nor team 2

I am working on an among us in gimkit the imposter is team 2 and i made it that it gets a popup but I want team 1 which is crewmate to get a crewmate popup when they get an item, any help?

Ok, so place a Lifecycle, Repeater, Checker, Item Granter, a Relay and a Popup.

Got it?

Now, connect the Lifecycle to the Repeater.

Make sure the Repeater runs every 0.5 seconds and has a Stop Strategy of When Receiving On Channel but don’t actually put a channel on it.

(Lifecycle) Event Occurs β€”> (Repeater) Start Repeater

Now, connect the Repeater to the Checker.
Make the checker check for an item greater than 0.

(Repeater) Repeater Runs Task β€”> (Checker) Run Check

Now, connect the Checker to an Item Granter to remove that item.

(Checker) Check Passes β€”> (Item Granter) Grant Item

Now, for the popup part.

Wire the Checker to a Relay and a Relay to a Popup.

(Checker) Check Passes β€”> (Relay) Trigger Relay

(Relay) Relay Trigger β€”> (Popup) Open Popup


Woah! @Haiasi is quick with it. I was think about using relays to solve this too.


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