How to make it so you respawn after falling to the bottom in building your own dont look down map

i dont know how to make an effective respawn mechanic in my own dont look down map, also every time i try to connect the zone it says checkpoint activated

I think you should put a zone on the bottom, and then use channels with a respawn device to make every player respawn, when they fall to the bottom, where the zone is

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I don’t have the season ticket, so bear with me.

When they reach a certain area, lets say they got like halfway through the first section, put a zone there, on A player scope. Make it so when they go in the zone, it activates a zone on the bottom, make sure its player scope. When the player touches that zone at the bottom, it respawns them at their last checkpoint.

Hopefully it works, I’m just guessing cause I don’t have season ticket, but I hope I helped you out a bit.

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thank you for the help

hello and welcome to the city of chaos the fourms, i hope you enjoy your stay @mrfun245

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please mark a solution though

So true @Lostsea3!!!

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I’ll test it !


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Probably best way though is to just have a zone at the bottom, and if the player goes in there/enter it, it will send a channel, or just a wire, to a respawn.

thank you @Stina and insteda of linking my profile you can do @Lostsea3 insteda, its how you alert players they were mentioned

that is basically what I said

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Yeah, I think so.
Your first solution is kinda meh
It works, but I don’t think the first zone is needed.

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oops, that’s what I thought I did! I’ll erase dat

its okay :), and it gets people achivments for doing it

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