How to make it so when you click a button, you knock out 5 random people?

what it said on the title

Have the button go to 5 relays with random players that goes to a respawn device. This does let the same person get picked twice though


Do what @I-am-helpful said but if you want it to be permanent, wire it to a team switcher that switches them to Spectator


Place down a property, make it chosen?, and make it a player number property. Make a counter, player scoped, and set it so it is changing to property. Now make a random player relay. Make the relay trigger 5 times, now wire the relay to a checker. Make the checker check if the property is equal to 1, and wire it to the respawn. Check Fails - Respawn Player. Wire the checker to the Relay - Check Passes - trigger relay. Wire the checker to the counter now - Check fails - Increment counter. If you want to renew this, just reset the counter

Does it work?

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potato1’s solution should work, but here is one that I like better. Make 5 relays that all have the same channel input and output. They should all be to a random player. Make a trigger that activates for player scope. It should receive on the channel that the relay broadcasts on. Wire it to a respawn. Wire the trigger to a wire repeater and back to deactivate itself.

Make the trigger broadcast to a new trigger to activate it. The new trigger should be inactive on game start and have the activation scope be player. Make the new trigger deactivate the first trigger. The 2nd trigger should be wired to one of the relays. Make the 2nd trigger receive from the relay.

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look, can you show it to me as pictures?

What is the most confusing part for you?

the relay. I want it so when the button is clicked, it kills five players, not including ME

Well you’d have to make the relay kill random people on a specific team so it’ll really only work with two teams and team v team games

Make the relays for all other players.

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make it so it increments the counter for you at the beginning

@GoofyIzzyGuy just put yourself on a different team