How to make it so the game ends when all people on a team eliminated

Hi, I’m @Kormorant!

This is a guide that I originally thought of to make for @nolan.

First… get two spawn pads. Set one to Team 1, and the other to Team 2.
Place them apart from each other.

Next, get a trigger and set it to be only triggered by Team 1, and only triggered once. Copy that and just change the second trigger to Team 2. Change both triggers to not visible.

Then get a counter, and add the target value as 0. Make it so it’s not visible in game, and copy it and place it next to the other trigger. Wire each one to its respective trigger, trigger → increment counter. Then get two end game devices, and wire each one to the counter. target value reached → end game.

It should look close to this, but with terrain:
if you want to know why the max is one so it can’t be triggered again.

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thank you sir but why is the max only 1

You can change the max in a counter setting @nolan

this doesn’t work because the triggers are already activated, ending the game right away so make the trigger have a player active scope and make the trigger deactivated on game start. then get a lifecycle so that when a player is knocked out the trigger is activated. also, it’d be better if you use channels ngl. more memory efficient way: use 1 counter with a team count scope. wire it to 1 end game device. you save on almost half the memory this way.
not a bad guide though!
I would also recommend adding a team switcher or teleporter wiring in from the trigger so that the player can’t play after elimination.