How to make it so that when X amount of enemies are knocked out, reward is given

This is my first Guide so don’t be made at me if it doesn’t turn out good.

Step 1

Place Down Whatever amount of enemies you want, i’ll place down 2:

Step 2

Add a Counter:

Step 3

Set it so that when the all the enemies are defeated the counter reaches target number
Than link all enemies to the Counter:

Step 4

Add a Item Granter, set the item to be whatever you want it to be:
This Way works for only a part of the map

Guide Finished, like i said it is my first guide so don’t be mad
WIP because it will be edited if enough people just well say this:

Second Way:

Step 1

Do the same thing as step 1 from the first way.

Step 2

Do step 2 from the first one except, replace it with a Ko manager

Step 3

Set KO manager to Sentry:

Step 4

Add the item granter from the first way and it’s done!(Works Map Wide)

Bonus Part:


If you want you can mix the 2 together, wait… Red Baron what are you doing?
Stop NOW!

It’s your fun3ral bud, anyways i guess he wanted to celebrate my first guide


I already semi-made this but oh well

Interesting guide! This will probably be used in games!

just saying but you should just wire the knockout manager to the counter (make it have a target) and wire the counter to an item granter
also this is already pretty basic knowledge ._.

It’s my first guide, my future guides will be better

Also im using sentries

Also it’s WIP because i’ll add on to it

yeah, theres an option to make the ko manager detect sentries

I just made that into the second way for this guide

Also that only works for one sentry at a time i’m talking about a WHOLE group of enemies and given reward

yeah, but you could also use the counter and make it have a target ._.



pretty basic knowledge

cool guide

not if i turn on the anti aircraft g@n

replace oofed with knocked out sounds better in my head

but nice first guide

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done, happy?
@margimkitcreator not if i have anything to say about it!

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This guide will help with Wave-based Defense games, but can also help with Clone Drone-Themed Games