How to make it so that when a player enters a specific area, something from their inventory gets removed

What you will need

A checker
An item granter
A zone

First of all, grab a zone and out it in the area in which where you want the player to lose what they have in their inventory.

Then, grab a checker and click on the “Check #1” dropdown and set it to these settings(I will be using a quantum portal for my example):

Then, grab an item granter and set it to the item you put in the checker.
This is what the item granter’s settings should look like:
Screenshot 2023-11-05 8.05.31 PM

Now, wire these devices like this:

And now, this is what the final product should look like(Don’t mind the wire in the bottom left).

And there you have it!

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Nice guide!

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Nice guide!

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