How to make it so that when a player enters a specific area, something from their inventory gets removed

What you will need

A checker
An item granter
A zone

First of all, grab a zone and out it in the area in which where you want the player to lose what they have in their inventory.

Then, grab a checker and click on the “Check #1” dropdown and set it to these settings(I will be using a quantum portal for my example):

Then, grab an item granter and set it to the item you put in the checker.
This is what the item granter’s settings should look like:
Screenshot 2023-11-05 8.05.31 PM

Now, wire these devices like this:

And now, this is what the final product should look like(Don’t mind the wire in the bottom left).

And there you have it!

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Nice guide!

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Nice guide!

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that is tradmarked… we cant use it :open_mouth:

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I have a question can you make the same thing but it gives you the item not remove and do something with an item spawner

yeah just wire the zone differently

What do you mean like can you also make a new topic please

make a help topic if you need it don’t ask someone to make a guide

Wait i think i got it never mind