How to make it so that if you don't have a certain item you get Knocked out if you go through a gate

First get an item that you’re gonna use. I chose golden key. Make a zone in the hallway.

Make it transmit on 1 when you enter the zone. Next get a checker then make it check when it receives channel 1. Make it when the check fails it transmits on two.

Go to check 1 and make the first one item amount, put it on your item and make it equal to.

Now get a respawn device and make it k!ll you on channel two. Now it works.
Screenshot 2024-04-22 17.05.03
You can make it look better if you want. This is just the mechanics.
Have A Great Day :smiley:

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the name hurts my brain. no offense

Honestly, I like the guide!

What do I need to do to change it?

it dosen’t make sense. can u make it more clear

Then what Doesn’t make sense?

  1. make the title a bit shorter
  2. mayeb a bit short

the name to me is
how to make a game so when don’t have something u d1e if u go through a gate
wait i just got it…nevermind

also change the d!e to knocked out