How to make it so something happens when a player runs out of a certain item at the exact second it runs out

I’m making a game where you need air(I’m using energy as the air) when outside of buildings but I’m not sure how to make it so the game knows when there’s none of the item. I’ve already tried checkers but it can only run 5 checks aka 5 seconds of checking if the player has air.I have a system where every second out of the building it takes one “air” away.

What are you trying to make with this?

Well I want the player to respawn when they run out of “air”

Like a breath metre?

Lifecycle → Trigger Loop → Checker

Item = 0

Get it? I know, it sounds pretty broad, but it should be enough.

A checker can only check 5 times though

Yes like a breath meter but with much more checks needed than 5

That’s why we’re using a trigger loop. Looping the checking process over and over.


each loop in one check though

Yeah? What’s the problem?

The loop happens once a second and runs 1 check. This means it will check 1 times a second until you tell it to stop to see if you are out of breath. The other checks you can add are optional and are to see if your check needs more expressions (and / or)

I’m looking for a way for it to check 120 times or a way that the game can know that there’s zero of an item.

ohhh I thought it meant that you can only check once this answers may question thanks @TorontoBulls1 !!

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Ehh, wingwave was the one who suggested that…

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Just make sure you use a trigger loop to run a check off of.

@EggNoodle yeah, they should mark theirs instead

Well @TorontoBulls1 explained what the 5 checks mean.

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Alright. I’m not looking for solutions or anything, so I might as well head out.


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