How to make it so it LOOKS like the end of my map

Do you know when you go to the very edge of your map and you go to the top,side, or bottom of the screen (depending where you are)? How do I make that in a regular part of my map ex.( the middle)? I know this is possible, becasue it’s in tag, and in a bunch of creative maps.

camera view device

Use a camera veiw device

What do you mean. I thought that was used for zoom?

Would you just place it on the edge of your map?

It helps show only where you want. You won’t be able to look out.

You can show edges around it to seem like the end.

It doesn’t zoom, it just only allows people inside it to see within its area.

Camera veiw is used so players can’t look outside of the camera veiw’s range, it does not increase your screen view

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