How to make it so if you are on a specific team you drop a certain item

I think I found a way to do this before, but I forgot, so here is the question.

If you knock out someone on team 4, they drop a golden keycard. However, if you knock out anyone on team 1, 2, or 3, you get no keycard. Also, if the member on team 4 does not have a golden keycard in their inventory, they do not drop a keycard either.

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I mean you could always just make the team get it in the beginning but that’s probably not the answer you’re looking for :sweat_smile:

Player knocked out (lifecycle → run wire pulse (wire repeater) → drop item (I haven’t read the guide on how)
The wire repeater can be set to a specific team that can only have the pulse on that team so you can have 4 with 4 different item spawners

How would you force drop the item at the location where they were knocked out?

No keep inventory? Idk

I haven’t read the guide on how

The knockout manager would not work here, since it triggers for the person knocking out, and not the person being knocked out.

Oh wait…if you go into the block code, and place a statement checking if they have a golden keycard and their team number, it would work.

The lifecycle should work but

Yay! You found a solution :)))

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