How to make it so if you answer questions incorrectly, it takes away item difficulty: 🟩

step 1: place a questioneer

step 2: place an item granter

step 3: now configure item granter so it looks like this (note i am using bait item as a placeholder):

step 4: add wires, you will see this screen:

step 5: configure wires:

I hope this helped you :smiley: have a wonderful day

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This guide is more picture than guide… Maybe add alternative ways to make the guide because knowing how to wire is common knowledge?


I hope that isn’t your real name…


Nice guide, but it’s just a questioner wired to an item granter. As clicclac said, this is most likely common knowledge and an entire guide for this is unnecessary.


This is common knowledge but thanks for adding pictures! It really helps improve the guide!

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Judging by the previous posts, I think this is common knowledge. Not sure, though.

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Yeah it is because you can just wire a questionare with an item granter - its really simple that anyone can easily figure it out

Pleasure bumping into you in these parts.