How to make it so a text can go on a players head in gimkit

i want to make a killstreak game and have it so that on the players head it will show their ks ex
: :fire:0

So this is currently impossible; it might be added as a feature with the Knockback creative update (like the numbers below the gims).

However, if you insist, you can use the coordinate system and text blocks in every coordinate to make it so that the text kinda follows the player and shows their kills.

This is probably impossible, but just incase i’m wrong, you could try using the player coordinates device.

For a simplified version: just use this guide: How to Make a Knockout Streak- Difficulty 3/10 or 🟩

Note for the simplified version the knockout streak for the player is only visible to themselves.

That’s not a killstreak…it’s just how far you’ll be pushed when someone knocks you.

ok! i will try to follow the guide

It’s not a killstreak, but it is a text display that follows the player and might be customizable

don’t quote me on that though

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Hm, probably.

But it looks italic, so it’s either just some random font they used outside of gimkit or it’s a feature they have and we don’t. So your point might be right, actually.