How to make in-game start option

Another from me :slight_smile:
This is how to make a simple in-game starting system for you’re games that have a lobby.
Step 1) Grab a button
Step 2) Wire it to a trigger with button pressed > trigger
Step 3) Next is some simple block code here it is copy it into that trigger.
Screenshot 2023-08-29 9.03.06 AM
Step 4) Grab a notification device, a repeater, and a counter,
Step 5) Set start repeater to the startgm channel and make sure the repeater is set to trigger every 1 seconds.
Step 6) Set notification settings to this /

Step 7) Wire repeater to counter and set targer value of counter to 0
Step 8) Set starting value to how many seconds after the host presses the button for the game to start. This is really up to you.
You’re done. Let me know if I missed anything.
Have a Great Day

-Brayden Shelton


Nice guide, @Brayden-Shelton!

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