How to make Ghosts in GKC! Go through walls and be invisible. [2/10 or 🟩]

It’s another chunkian pseudo-guide! Goals: make a player be able to go through walls and be invisible after they’re knocked out.
I won’t waste more space explaining, so let’s go right into the guide!
Grab a lifecycle. Set it to player knocked out and make it transmit on ActivateFirstViewpoint.

Grab a camera point, and set it to active on ActivateFirstViewpoint.

Grab a checkpoint and set it to active on a channel that gets called every second or one that gets called at the beginning of the game.

Good!! You’re done with the spectator when knockout part. Now time to do player movement. Let’s say the checkpoint is (0, 0) and the next trigger you’re going to grab is (1, 0)

(leave everything else default)
Now grab another camera point and place it to the right of the original, like how we placed the trigger to the right. Set it to this:

Nice! I think you get the idea now. Grab another trigger, place it above the previous one, set it to Viewpoint(1 1) and grab a camera point. Put the settings in there, too.

Wondering how to do this with stuff below or to the left? Input the same coordinates but negative!

Now repeat this process for every square in your map. Tip: you can space the camera points so you don’t need as much work!

And you’re done! The feature everyone wants, done without any block coding or memory drain! Also works with two or more players.
Also, my second guide!

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Also, I should add that you should make the trigger area far away from gameplay so no one sees it. Also put walls around the trigger area so players can’t leave it.
Last thing: want to create a ghost player that’s visible? Grab a prop and put it on top of every camera point, set it to active on the camera point channel and deactivate it when any other camera channel is called.

Scared of memory drain?

Sorry, not adding pictures. Here's how to make the system with one property, one player coordinates, one lifecycle, and one trigger.

Grab a property, and name it “PlayerIsDead”. It should be player-scoped. It should be true/false with a default value of “false”.

Grab a lifecycle, it should be on player knocked out.

Grab a trigger. Wire the lifecycle to the trigger, event occurs - trigger.

In the blocks of the trigger:

Set property "PlayerIsDead"
Value "True"

Get a player coordinates. In the blocks:

if getproerty "PlayerIsDead"
do: broadcast message on channel (make text with (player x) (player y))

I haven’t tested it yet, but it should work.


Nice guide!


Yeah that’s where I got the inspiration from. Pseudo-players.

So basically. All the interactive stuff is placed where the player’s gim is but it changes wherever they are viewing. Possibly memory consuming but nice!


I bet this could solve the help topic! I’m can’t reply to them though so. . . @Napcat223

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this is cool…

great guide!

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Now we need a way to go visible while appearing in the same spot.