How To Make Falling Platforms

I haven’t done this in a zone time. Let’s see if I can still do it.

Pretty simple, just place down tiny “rectangle” barriers where you want the players to jump. Place down a trigger that’s invisible but players can collide with on each barrier.

Now, give the trigger a delay. The delay will be the amount of time the player has to get off of the falling platform.

Here’s how the thing will look. Ignore the thing on the left. Actually, does it look a bit unsightreadable for newer players? I haven’t thought of that yet.

Now wire the trigger to deactivate the barrier when triggered. Amazing!

We want the platform to come back eventually, so place down another trigger. This one will bring back the old platform (with a delay of course!). I’d suggest like 0.5 - 1 seconds for the first trigger and 3 - 4 for the second one. Now wire the first trigger to the second one. Wire the second trigger to activate the barrier when triggered, and you’re done.

Also, the second trigger should be invisible and NOT be triggered by collision.


Pretty cool, right? Customize your gameplay so it doesn’t look bland and boring.


This is really good. Haven’t lost your abilities. i haven’t met you so this is a good time to say good guide and welcome back.

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I forgot to mention but the second trigger is invisible and can’t be collided with.


is it all… dash loop?
Always has been.


this isnt a very good guide rn, but I am pretty sure no one else did this and I just wanted to make another guide lol. you want see ones this low quality in the future, I promise

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Eh, you still can edit. If it was single player that would be okay so if you fall you cant go back, unless you don’t want that. and its ok. you’re just warming up. I know what you can do and you just got back. take it slow (or don’t) to get back into the groove.

Not too complicated, but you are right, this could become a lot more complex and detailed.

Welcome back, Mysz and nice guide!

Geometry dash lol. Also this design could be optimized slightly with a wire repeater instead of a normal trigger right?

I was planning to add this to a compilation of platformer tricks guide but oh well, I snooze I lose.

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You could just make the original trigger have a delay, and when it’s triggered, deactivate the barrier.

How would you do that though?
(A zone time)

yeah, wire repeaters are good for memory-saving.

You got the actual account unbanned.

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i agree, wire repeaters can definitely help save memory if used wisely. as far as their benefits go, they can also be useful for reducing the size of certain systems, which can be a big help in reducing lag as well.

how the actually beans did u get your acc unsuspended?

He messaged jeff to unsuspend his account.

I kinda wish that happens with @legobuilder (He Pleads Innocent!!) I would ask jeff to but he said he wont unsusp him :confused:

When you step on the trigger, the delay runs, when the delay is over, deactivate the barrier.

then what is activating the barrier in the first place?

You won a random BUMP!

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