How to make Falling leaves(Trigger animation)

This is how you make falling leaves, You need a trigger to show and hide the leaf, do this four times and move the leaf around to show how it twirled downward, then add a leaf pile to show where it landed and that it is not the first to do so. Credits to @ClicClac for helping with the trigger animations.
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Hope fully the video works this is my first video.

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That’s actually pretty cool! I suggest using a repeater to make it move on its own.

good idea, but how exactly?

Maybe every second, it triggers one of those triggers? You might be able to do this without all those triggers.

Trigger clock + concat works as well.


I can try, but im teaching my self devices and blocks so not sure it will work.

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how do i do that @ClicClac?

Well, first you need a triggertock clock. After making that, connect a counter to the second trigger that adds one every trigger. Connect property X to the counter. Go into the first triggers block code, and tell it to broadcast on channel Get Property X.

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um, :face_with_raised_eyebrow: i’ll try.

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Then, have the nth prop deactivate on game start, activate on channel n, and deactivate on channel n+1.

ok just to tell you i used 7 channels just to do this. so…

Umm… gimmie a second. Yeah, that setup should work with seven channels, or two, or eight hundred and ninety five.


Ok, no rush

I will update this tomorrow with what you said, but thanks for your help @ClicClac.

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No problem! I have school, but I try to help out!

seriously though. @NavyCatZ, we should do like a shared pfp thing, where we each show half of the final battle. It would take a while, but it would be very fun.

Really good!

Maybe change lie to like


thanks, and yeah i should.

I really need to learn how to concat… Nice guide @WolfTechnology!


Same and thanks @Vortex-Mist!

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Really great guide though!

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