How To Make Edible Food

How do I make it so you can eat food in your inventory and get health, and so I don’t have to use a prop.


right now there is no food item besides fish, you could make a button that deletes all your fish and grants health based on how much you have


Agreed with @Thats_Gimpossible - You cannot make any food besides fish.

Edit: I’m wrong. According to the post above me, there’s berries and bananas.

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unless you wanna eat like cans for your game

side note: there are berries and bananas

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There are also peppers.

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there are also energy bars and bottles

That’s… Terrifying


apple sauce is good for you if you have a fever :slight_smile:

goodnight you beautiful baboons


And fish also for good luck @discobot fortune

:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good

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There is also watermelon. How do you make players able to eat watermelon?

You can’t it is a prop in a box, you can try to make it so whne button pressed, prop despawns, so it looks like they ate it. And welcome to the community!

Welcome to the forum!

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So i cant use watermelon or anything? There is no way to make a player hungry?

You could use the health bar?

but then there wouldnt be any health

You can use this to make a hunger bar.

oh cool!! Thanks i will try it

ooops i diidnt do that on purpose