How To Make Dun-GIMS And Dragons, the OG Laptop roleplaying game! Difficulty: 3/10

So, a lot of people have been doing RPG guides, so I’m-a try my hand at it! I’m doing all of this theoretically, and I’m doing the steps AS I type up this guide, (LOL following my own guide) so if it doesn’t work, bear with me. Now, this isn’t a FULL RPG guide, it’s just a guide to creating Charisma, Strength, Intelligence, Constitution, and Dexterity checks. Shout out to everybody that has played D&D and knows what I’m talking about LOL!

What You’ll Need:
1 Life Cycle
1 Buttons
2 Popups
2 Triggers
5 Properties

Step One: Grab one trigger, your lifecycle and your properties. Set each property to a number property and name them each of the characteristics that will be tested. Also, switch ALL PROPERTIES to PLAYER SCOPE. Switch the trigger NOT to be visible NOR triggered by player collision. Set it to activate in 0.0 seconds. Wire the lifecycle to the trigger. Event Occurs - Trigger. Then, copy all this code in the trigger.

Creating Skills Trigger Code:

Step Two: Grab your button and other trigger. Copy the code for the NEW trigger. P.S. I’m demonstrating a skill check for Strength, but all you have to do is change the title of the button and change which property it’s checking.

Creating Skill Check Trigger Code:

Now, grab your button and name it “____ Check.” (Fill in the blank for whatever test you want to make it.)

Step Three: Almost done! Now, all that’s left is to make the skill check succeed or fail. Then, make a pop-up that opens on the channel “Check Success!” and write a nice “you succeed your ____ check!” (again, fill the blank in with your check you’re doing. Lastly, make the last popup the POLAR OPPOSITE, making it receive on “Check Fail” and have it say something like, “You failed your ____ check! Better luck next time!”

And you’re done! Super easy, right? Have fun with this, and happy gimkitting!

Why do you need this? It seems to me that you’re adding another level of randomization when it’s already random.


That was for what you need to pass the strength check.

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I know that, but it’s already pretty random in the first part. I don’t think that you need that because of the randomness of that part, but my brain is fried rn, so I’ll get back to you later.

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Oh okay! Yeah, that’s actually a pretty good idea. Peace

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Neat! In actual dnd, there are three methods. For the random part, I’d put random number in between 3 and 18. The other one is splitting 27 points, with each one starting with 8. The third you have 17, 16, 15, 14, 12 and 10 are the numbers you start with. You can put any of those numbers on each stat, but they all have to be used once.

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Nice guide!

Bibbity bobbity bump. Once in the ground… so on so forth