How to make different money systems! ( Your ideas! ) :)

Here is a Wiki, where everyone can add their type of money system that they have to add!

Only click the I’m editing button when you’re the one editing! One person at a time.

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Put your ideas in the " hide details ", and make sure that it has your name on your section :slight_smile:
make sure to read the Wiki rules before editing! They might be important…


1.) 1. Make sure to follow the rules of the FAQ and the TOS
2.) Don’t just click the I’m editing button for fun.
3.) If someone is editing, wait your turn until they’re done so you can edit.
4.) Don’t edit anybody else’s work! Edit only your own!
5.) Make sure they work before you post them here… :slight_smile:

Editing section:

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Nice guide!

I know a lot of people have needed money systems recently so this is all I could come up with.

Having the wiki tag does not make your post a wiki.
Only TL3s can create a wiki (for their own posts/topics only) but TL4+ can self-wiki any post but that’s useless information since no one is probably gonna be promoted to TL4 again.

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Yeah like Haisai said…this isn’t a wiki….


Sorry, but putting on the wiki tag for this guide doesn’t make it a wiki.

Only trust level 3 members can make things into a wiki, but they can’t make posts they didn’t make to a wiki.

this is not a wiki if you want one ask a regular to make one for you

Sorry for the long wait in reply, @Foxy, Yeah, can you make a wiki for me? That would be helpful. :slight_smile:

Foxy isn’t a regular…(but I am…)

Then, could you do it? ( It’s okay if you can’t. I don’t mind. )

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No problem! I’ll have it done in a minute.

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Oooh okay! Thank you! ( I think it would be helpful to people who need it. )

yeah sorry I can’t do that either