How to make different gim statues! 0/10 { WIP }

This is my guide on how to make gim statues!

Why I made this guide, and what they can be used for

I created this guide to share an awesome idea with people. I think it would be great to have a gim as a statue, just like how I have created a statue of King Gimrick. It can be used to decorate the outside of a castle. I hope you appreciate the idea and find my guide helpful.

Gold King Gimrick

First, you need to make the frame where Gimrick will be standing, using the plate.
Screenshot 2024-02-09 9.32.06 AM
Then, you need the legs. Make 2 squares on the plate and make sure that the squares are above the plate like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 9.37.58 AM
Make 4 circles into a sort of like like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 12.55.15 PM
Then, you need to make the eyes. Use this:⬤ and make it black, to get this:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 12.58.17 PM
Then, we need to work on the cape. I changed my skin, so I could see what it looked like… ANYWAY, then you need to make a cape. You need this: ⬬. Then you make that big enough, and make it like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 1.43.57 PM Use the same thing to make the rest of the cape, and the dots, use barriers like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-09 3.30.12 PM
all you need to do for the crown is use the crown emoji like this:

the end! I hope you enjoyed making King Gimrick!

Mini Pumpgim

First, you need this ⬮. Make it as big as possible, and put four in a row, like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-15 5.45.33 AM
Then, to make the feet, use barriers, and make it just like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-15 5.54.54 AM
Then, for the stem, use space trash! tint it green, and make it just like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-15 5.57.30 AM
Then, you add the eyes, using the same oval, just like this and you are done:
Screenshot 2024-02-15 6.06.18 AM

Thank you for viewing

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This guide wasn’t really needed. There is a wiki where you could have added this. Please search before posting.

Here’s the wiki:


I wasn’t making sentry skins… I was making statues of them so you can put them somewhere.

if you read this…

It is the same thing. They are both statues and there is art in there with the same style as yours. It would work in the wiki.

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Read this then: How to make different biomes 0/10 or ⬜ [WIP] - #29 by leo_flowers EDIT : read everything below it

Well gimsolver didnt look or remember his wiki. Just please don’t do it again. The forums are already dying and going to ruin, no point in just rubbing it in some more.


I’m not rubbing it in some more. And there are lots of people already in the forums. There are three thousand and sixty nine users. Believe it or not, sometimes art is useful.

I don’t want to argue but next time please search it. Gimsolver (no offense to you gimsolver) doesnt always know. And that actually goes to everyone. Just search before posting.

Im gonna go to sleep now.


I was sleeping :expressionless:

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I added pumpgim, but it wouldn’t let me add the poll so here;

  • Valentime
  • Dodge
  • Random gim
  • Other…
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Pumpgim kinda ripping off Tim ngl.


Bibbity Bobbity Bump.