How to make dark fog?

I want to make it so that, while you’re navigating something like a maze, you can’t see through the fog unless you move near it.

Does anybody know how to do this or if it’s even possible?

You could use a black barrier device with opacity 0.95 to simulate darkness. If this works, please mark a solution by clicking the checkbox next to my post.

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You could have barriers or props that are colored gray and have triggers or zones to deactivate it when the person gets close.

using triggers you can tell if someone is close enough, then deactivate the barriers around them. It might a lot of memory if you plan to make lots of fog.

You could also use zones. You could enarge one of them to cover to entire area, and that would take a lot less memory.

ohhhhh I didn’t even think of that

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No I mean I want that but a light circle is following the player. I’m sure there are some pictures from other games but I can’t find any right now

A circle? That would be hard. If you could settle for a square, then you could use a zone and a lot of barriers/props.

Here is a very bad mock-up

I’ll test the square method soon.

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I know I know. I’ll test them soon.

So if a circle isn’t possible, is there anywhere I can suggest a fog feature to gimkit team?

You can post suggestions here:

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I just saw the header message lol. Thanks!

No problem! I’m always happy to help!

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