How do you create a flashlight system?

i was thinking of make a white or yellow barrier to follow the player but idk how to do that or is there some other way of making a flashlight system i can use?

Look to see if other people have asked your same question next time.

i already have i just used a large dark 0.50 transparent dark barrier i just need a flashlight system

If you want to have a barrier that follows you that is currently impossible, sorry.

welp worth a try but i’ll leave this post up just in case somebody does know how to create a flashlight system

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i dont know how to make one but someone out there probably does. It probably takes a lot of memory tho

Are you trying to make a custom trail?

hold on i might be able to use that custom trail guide lemme check it real quick

Yeah but I can’t find a guide on that.

yeah there is gimme a sec to post a link to the guide


Nice i looked up custon trail and it did not come up.

sadly it does not help bring a flashlight system to my map

Oh i did find a guide on the flashlight system.

just creates a cool little trail of overflowing items with an item inventory manager with maximum item of one or 0

say what now i looked it up and saw nothing well huh gonna have to find that one

Yeah i thought i did but it was just a guide on how to make a flashlight prop… oops.

lol well im gonna have to figure this out through block code and different methods

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And do you have access to the GCC? my school blocked it and i kind of need to get back on it because i am the head admin and owner, so i kind of do most of the work.

Lasers do tend to be bright.