How to make crop felds like in farmchain

so am making a game where i what to do this is possible and if not i hope it gets added but i think these would be cool for my ideas for this game mode

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hi i can help u want help?

hello? are you there/ @aibenr

Currently, you cannot make crop fields, but there are several guides on ways to make gims farm

yes i just saw that there was a reply and to you the 7th dragon thank you i will chek it out becuse i have a relly cool idea for my kit to be combind with my game mode and make it associaded with the histroy also trew some qustons about penguins in the kit (:
edit al put as the slouson if it work agin thank you drangon


If you need any more help, feel free to ask! And don’t forget to mark a solution!

hey @The_7th_Dragon can you send the begginer must read (I lost it)

for this and the other topic

Umm which one? I can’t find it

niether can I I think it’s @Blackhole927’s

I guess y’all new people just read all the guides under these tags to help you out
new-user-must-read and beginner-must-read

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real quik dragon can you type out a semplyfyed verson for me becuse am probly going to get confused of acdently skip somthing and wont be able to find it (also this is coming from a gt/gifted and talented and adhd person )agin thank you and am vrey gratful that i saw that there was a form i wound be stuk with out this

Thank you! I just looked thru all of @Blackhole927 ’s guides and I couldn’t find it :relieved:

okay so you want a simplified guide on how to make a farm?

yes drangon also sorry for the spelling errors


Give me a minute or two and ill make one

lets get another dragon in here @NavyCatZ

lol why

i think he menes some one as nice as you