How to make crop felds like in farmchain

hey @The_7th_Dragon can you send the begginer must read (I lost it)

for this and the other topic

Umm which one? I can’t find it

niether can I I think it’s @Blackhole927’s

I guess y’all new people just read all the guides under these tags to help you out
new-user-must-read and beginner-must-read

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real quik dragon can you type out a semplyfyed verson for me becuse am probly going to get confused of acdently skip somthing and wont be able to find it (also this is coming from a gt/gifted and talented and adhd person )agin thank you and am vrey gratful that i saw that there was a form i wound be stuk with out this

Thank you! I just looked thru all of @Blackhole927 ’s guides and I couldn’t find it :relieved:

okay so you want a simplified guide on how to make a farm?

yes drangon also sorry for the spelling errors


Give me a minute or two and ill make one

lets get another dragon in here @NavyCatZ

lol why

i think he menes some one as nice as you

he/she needs to meet one of the other 6 dragons

So @aibenr What exactly do you want in the guide

We’re sorta getting off topic so … Wait there are actually six other dragons!!!

If you want to farm, you should definitely check this out! [ 📰 ] Resources For Farming

so what to do like what to place what to wire whrere to where settings any thing else recuired plus how to make it change maddering on the crop and i was absens for 5mins there makeing my siter a bagle

Ummm can someone change the tag I don’t want to get flagged and were back on topic

im just having trouble understanding. what is a “crop chang madering”?

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