How to make click a button and no one else sees it

( You’ll need a Button and a Wire Repeater)
If you want one player to see that they pressed the button without anyone else seeing it, try going into the options and go to all options then go to the bottom and click on “Active Scope” then click on Player. THEN Grab A Wire Repeater Wire the button to the Repeater and wire the Repeater to the Button. AND Make sure the button gets deactivated.

'Lost a quarter a my grammar and brain cells by making this LOL :sweat_smile:


I’m new here soooo this may as well be my first post, Im not new to Gimkit tho

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But there are a few problems with this guide.

  1. It’s pretty short
  2. No pictures (something you should definitely have for longer guides)
  3. This is mostly showing the function/parts of wire repeaters and a button if that makes any sense.

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welcome @MINIONS_GG to the forums, it is kinda short though, can you elaborate more in detail?

I also agree pictures is a good idea.

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To add to it, this guide is really obvious. This also doesn’t make it so no one else sees the button as the button’s player scoped.
And there’s a better way to make it so no one else sees it. Just use the channel the button sends on to trigger a trigger that sends on a channel, that gets relayed through all other players, and that channel deactivates the button.


It was supposed to be longer but I couldn’t waste my time…

Guides are meant to be well thought-out and very helpful. If you put more effort into this guide and took the time to make sure it was ready, you would’ve gotten the time you spent on it back.


What is up with so many new, unhelpful, and unthoughtful guides being released recently?! Guides aren’t even the main point of the forums :/


attempt for likes probably :\

it seems like out of every 10 new guides, 4 are duplicates, 5 are unhelpful and have 0 effort put into them, and occasionally 1 out of 10 guides will be a random art guide that isn’t needed.