How to make appearing sentries

  1. Place 2 sentries

  2. In the settings of one of them, Active on Game Start, then select no
    Screenshot 2023-11-24 12.51.37 PM

  3. On both sentries, go to Respawn Duration, put it to 35 seconds
    Screenshot 2023-11-24 12.52.47 PM

  4. Wire the first sentry, to the other one so it looks like this, Sentry Killed------Activate Sentry

    (if you do multiple, make sure to connect to wires to the one after the other)

  5. Then repeat for your desired amount of sentries.


this is a good guide but is very short and has no pics, therefore it might get flagged…

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Hey, nice first guide!

Welcome to the forum, @F1R3F0X! I hope you like it here!

This is a good mechanism. My suggestions:

  • When you gain more trust levels, add screenshots or pictures! Pictures are powerful!
  • Take a look at other people’s guides to see how to formal well and what to do.
  • Check the tags you add. For example, the resolved tag was for Help posts, but not anymore, due to solutions. Therefore, I removed it. If you need help with them, just ask!
  • Difficulty poll:
  • 1/10
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All in all, you did well on your first try! Nice job helping the community, even when you just joined! If you have any more questions, just ask around!


Welcome to the forum, @F1R3F0X!


No way! Another user’s first post is a guide!
I see potential here…:crystal_ball:


I don’t even remember what my first post was. That was ages ago…
But yeah, that’s true.

@F1R3F0X Try adding pictures next time!

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Thank you, and I’ll try to add pictures.

Thanks! I’ll see if I can post more.

I love your guides they’re so useful, and helpful.


Thanks, but I’m not that good.(Definitely not trying to be modest here)

Well, you shouldn’t be. Your guides are kool.

Hey, my first post was a guide, too!


Right now I’m working on the tag zone switch guide, but I can’t seem to put the timer right… I’ll figure it out eventually.

hey! that “kool” is mine!

jk its fine. interesting how something you make spreads like pollen

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Sorry. I thought it was pretty kool.

Let’s get back on-topic.

just like my welcome paragraph. i don’t even use it anymore

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I added the pictures!


no offense F1R3F0X, but what is the point of this guide? i mean like what is your guide teaching?

That came out harsher than i thought. :frowning:

I really like this suggestions for new users thing!

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Use your context clues

Hey @F1R3F0X welcome to forums. :slight_smile: remember to check out the new-user-must-read posts :grin: to get accustomed with the forums.

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