How to make an "unstuck button"

Sometimes, especially in platformers, you will get into a situation you can’t get out of. At this point, the only thing to do is end the game and try again. The worst part is how simple this is to fix. Today, I will be showing you how to make an “unstuck button.”

x1 Game Overlay
x1 Respawn

Game Overlay Settings:

  1. You will need to change the overlay type to button.
  2. Change the overlay text to whatever you want it to be, such as: explode, respawn, or unstuck.
  3. When button is clicked, transmit on Channel Name

Respawn Settings:

  1. Respawn player when receiving on Channel Name

To prevent players from spamming the button, you could make a cool down. To do this, you will need:
x4 Wire repeater
x3 Game overlay

  1. On the original game overlay, Hide when receiving on Channel Name
  2. Set the wire repeaters’ delay to 1.0
  3. Set one game overlay text to 3, the next to 2, and the last to 1.
  4. Change visible on game start to no.
  5. Add wires as shown.

    Wire settings:

    Add 3 more wires as shown.

    These wires will hide game overlays when a new one is shown to ensure it doesn’t glitch.

    (Sometimes it would only show 3 for three seconds unless you add the extra wires.)
    If your game is meant for more than 1 person, change the Visibility Scope to player.

And that’s it!


that’s it? awww it was so good :frowning: he says while eating fox treats he stole from @C_C


A creative guide! Not bad, pretty good! It has a lot of images, and a good formatting!

Not something someone would usually think of, but definitely useful! Great guide!

I love how you included images that explained well!

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Thanks, it’s so short and easy, yet few people implement it into their maps.

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please don’t start this again. @C-C , protect your treats better. your lack of protection is causing off-topicness.


Respawn buttons are essential to avoiding softlocks, although regarding the cooldown button, keep in mind that this design only works efficiently with low cooldowns. Am I also correct in presuming that each overlay will override the previous version, that way you do not need anything to deactivate them?

Overall, I approve.

Also, NoTimeToBleedQQ, would you mind if you stopped being off topic here?


Yes, if the new game overlay is in the same spot, it will get rid of the previous one.


uh… what happened… here…
this was a perfectly useful, nice lil guide until the off-topicness struck again :frowning:


Wish I saw this earlier. I just wired a trigger to a notification and let the player suffer for a while:
Nice guide, and the cooldown was going the extra mile for that.

couldnt you have just made it simpler by connecting a game overlay button with a teleporter, it also works like that.

That could work, but if you have checkpoints, you would be set back.