How to make an outside of some buildings! 0/10 { WIP }

I added the school, but it won’t let me add a poll so here:

  • IDC do what you desire
  • Library
  • Grocery store
  • Cafe
  • ALL OF THEM!! :slight_smile:
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How did you get that window emoji ?

You can use the emoji :window:

you can put emojis inside of the text device.

Can you please use the emoji

What do you mean use the emoji

:window: here is the emoji :D.

Sorry about that

@leo_flowers thank you for blacking out the code (:slight_smile:

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Made a broken-down house. ( sort of… )

Are you going to continue with this?

Yea srry. Recently, I have had low motivation, so I may complete it this week :slight_smile:

Okay Great! Hope to see what you make next!

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Maybe you can use this!

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:star_struck: Yess nice idea!! I love it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks! I didn’t know what to serve at the stand, so apple juice it was.

Apple juice is a nice idea :slight_smile:

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Yeah. @leo_flowers :smile:

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Btw, I also like the little details added to the stand. It makes the stand look remarkable.

Thx :smiley:! I have a question…

Can you put my stand in your guide?

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