How to make an openable note (Difficulty: 🟩)

Thanks for the warning :slight_smile:

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You never clicked on it?

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huh what warning 911238671284441140

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oh is it a rickroll

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what do you mean? he is gimavenger of cringeness

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Not @CringeKarlScott , it’s on mysz’s profile

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On the wixsite, Lxmas decided he didn’t like his name, and renamed himself to txtris.


That’s very cool.

Hi mysz

Hi, add me to the chess gc pls

i did now 875304217064136715


What’s that?

A groupchat in wix

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ahh. wixsite is blocked for me (still get spam messages) and he never told me that on scratch, so i didn’t know. thanks for telling me!

Lol txtris was joking. We didn’t do anything on there.

…So it exists? Mind inviting me? I’d like to take a look at it. Also, if so, my account is WhoAmII.

It just exists.


(finds note on ground)

(opens it)

(bumps into this guide)