How to make an openable chest design! 0/10

I’m back from my almost 2 month long break to give to you a chest you open! You will need:

  1. 2 brown box barriers
  2. 1 smaller yellow bow barrier
  3. 1 button

First, move the small box to the bottom of your first box

Then, put that box on top of your other one.

Now, lets make in open.

Copy the top 2 boxs and tilt them

Set them to not be visible on game start

Then, place a button and put these wire settings for the top two.

Reverse the wiring for the closed top and boom!


If this seems rushed, it is. I’m so busy with school but i felt like I had to post something. I’m also thinking of canceling that showcase thing, I just don’t have the time. Drink water and stay safe, reader <3


nice guide! the yellow barrier looks kind of green though

Nice! But why is the chest black?

Nice guide, but lease don’t post something for the sake of posting it. And also don’t make guides this simple because it’s a button activating and deactivating some props.

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This is a cute guide!

Wait a second. Is that A minecraft chest?
Awesome Guide! Very Creative design!
Great job :smile:

It isn’t black. It’s a very dark brown.

It’s a neon yellow.

i think the art looks alright and the guide so…
:smile: :+1:

Why when I said something It needed to be checked by mods?

But Hey cool guide It is awesome

Ooh! Nice guide! Love the idea!