📜 How to make an intractable ladder (funnies included)

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a ladder in gimkit creative! Not all of the appearance steps are mandatory and you can change how you want the ladder to look. I’m simply give steps for those who don’t know how to make a ladder.

🪜 Appearance

First, get 2 metal poles

Then, place smaller sideways poles under and in between the first two poles

Finally, place a metal sign under the ladder and back sure its on the bottom layer

That is the ladder but there are still some issues with it.

⚙️ Mechanics

Right now you can just walk through the ladder so put an invisible barrier on it like this

Next, put an invisible button on the ladder. This will be used to climb up/down (go to extras for down) the ladder to get teleported to a new area

Set up a wire to teleport the player when the button is clicked

And your done! You have made a working ladder in gimkit!

➕ Extra

Extra add-ons for your ladder

🎨 Colors

In order to change the color of your ladder you can click on each pole and change the tint

🕳️ Climb Down

To make the ladder look like you are about to climb down instead of up you can replace the metal sign with a hole emoji using the text device

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