How to make an Intermission Timer with a "Get ready..." and a Ready up system (easy)

  • 4 wire repeaters
  • 2 counters
  • 2 repeaters
  • 2 game overlays
  • 2 properties
  • 1 zone
  • 1 text
  • 1 lifecycle
Intermission and "Get ready..."

We will start off using two simple timers, one connected to a lifecycle.

  • Counter settings - Right

  • Counter settings - Left

  • Both repeaters

  • Wires
    Lifecycle to Right repeater

Right repeater to Right counter and back

Right counter to Right wire repeater

Right counter to Left repeater

Left repeater to Left counter and back

Left counter to Left wire repeater and back

  • Properties
    After you are done with the wires, you must create two properties, Intermission time(controlled by the right counter) and Get ready time(controlled by the left counter).


  • Wires

Both properties to text

Ready up

Now for the Ready up mechanism.

Place a zone where you want players to go to ready up. Then make two Game overlays one says “Ready,” the other says “Not Ready.” You decide where the overlay is as long as both devices are assigned to the same place. Put a Wire repeater next to each one.

  • Wires

  • Zone ---------> Game overlay (Ready)
  • Zone ---------> Game overlay (Not Ready)
  • Zone ---------> Wire repeater (Ready)
  • Zone ---------> Wire repeater (Not Ready)

And you’re done!

Have a good day!

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Nice guide! Here are some recommendations:

  1. Make your pictures smaller. It was very hard to read the guide.
    Please Never Use Repeaters (and a guide on looping)
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nice, but there are memory-efficient versions of a repeater that you could use

Nice Guide! Good For Most People Who Want To Make GimKart

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Thanks, I will make sure to note that in future posts and creative maps.

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I mean, repeaters are easier to explain.

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…but are horribly memory-inefficient


Come on. Stop saying that repeaters are easier to use. They are, but you that’s the only reason to use them. Please go out of your comfort zone when helping other people. Push yourself. Stop being lazy about building.


I know, I don’t use them, I’m just saying Repeaters are easier to explain

Don’t do it

Anyway, great guide! Mind if I add the battle-royale, @Mythic?

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