How to make an instructions pop up (Easy mini-guide for beginners)

First off you will need to place a lifecycle device
then place a pop up and a relay
you will want to make the lifecycle device send a message on a channel to the relay for the relay to brodcast to the popup to make it show in order for it to show for everyone in the game
then make a header instructions and make the smaller text your instructions
like this
in order to make good instructions make sure it is:
easy to read.
matches up with what you do in the game!

This is a little short. My honest opinion on this.

Question… are you making guides cause you wanna help people, or are you making guides for fame and attention? Cause like I’ve noticed you made 2 guides now that are little low quality, no offense, that don’t have that much effort put into it. You could have put more details in this guide, or the other one, because the other one is just a barrier circle with a big smiley face, and this guide is just telling someone to wire a life cycle to a pop-up. This guide doesn’t even work because it shows only to the host, and not everyone, so your just making guides for fame is my guess.


This is literally how to use a popup.
I’m not sure this is a guide.
Add more or else the flags come.
This is for your own good, it’s not pretty.


It also seems a bit rushed because it doesn’t have great grammar, and the list below the picture is not great formatting.

By grammar I mean the capitalization.

Oops, after I read the edits, I see you made it better. I think you can still have room for improvement!

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This is extremely short.
It’s not even needed as most people can just figure it out for themselves.
Don’t make guides to seem useful.
Make guides that are actually useful.

The fact that there’s a guide on this makes me sad.
It seems like people are just making guides for likes and don’t even consider thinking creative anymore.

@Cyan_Tiger_Reigns or @WolfTechnology can I have access to Gimkit Creative Chat?

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please don’t reply I regret making this guide and I cant delete it sadly just have to wait to it locks