How to make an in-game chat system (Now with photos!) (WIP)

no it aint It is barely any for me

he has more messages than you

You realize we can see your edits, right?


yeah but after a while the deleted post goes away

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but it isn’t deleted right?

I know उन्हें बताएं कि यह सच है


nothing absolutely nothing

well alrighty then

tell what?

:roll_eyes: absolutely nothing

typo i did for you on accident

उन्हें मत बताना कि मैंने कोड बनाया है

*visible confusion *

oh ok

Please don’t send messages in other languages other than english, it will be hard to moderate for the mods and might get you flagged.

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you wouldnt understand

but this is ok

Well all im saying is appropriate im a kid like most who has no idea to use languages incorrectly

I gave your pfp a santa hat bc I was bored.

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