How to make an explosion/shaking effect

Hey there! I’m trying to make a game where a spaceship you’re on gets sabotaged. In an ideal world, the screen would shake, there would be fire everywhere, everything is damaged. Obviously, I can’t do that. Do you guys have any ideas for how to get close to that, though?


(yes, I’ll remember to mark a solution)

You could put fire emojis everywhere, make the text invisible, and when the spaceship gets sabotaged, show the text. That would put fire everywhere. You could also make some infected/damaged props that would be shown when it gets sabotaged. Also maybe some tinted barriers that could simulate the lights flashing or the fire light. Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything that would make the screen look like it’s shaking, but this is to make the ship look like it caught on fire and is being destroyed.


yeah, that works, thanks! i like the barrier thing!

(i ended up killing the players and having them respawn in a debris field)


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