How to make an event activate a sentry

I’m making a game where if you steal something, sentries activate and shoot you until you die.
Buy how do I make it where the sentry isn’t activated at game start and deactivates once the player dies?
I tried lifecycles (Game starts → Deactivate Sentry) and (Player knocked out → Deactivate Sentry) but they don’t work. When I start the game they just start shooting and after I die they also keep shooting. Could someone please help me?

There is a setting in the sentry to make it deactivated on game start. Check the all options tab if you don’t see it anywhere.


As for your issue with deactivating them when a player dies, can you send a screenshot of your entire setup for that? I want to know how many sentries you have and how the device is connected to them.

Okay, I’ll try again after fixing the other issue. Just a second.

Uploading: IMG_20240210_164020969.jpg…

Sorry about the low image quality, but there you go

Sorry, but the second image didn’t upload. Can you try again?

Windows 10, nice!

While I’m waiting for the second image…

I recommend using channels next time if you are wiring the something to multiple of the same thing. It is a lot more convenient since you could easily copy and paste the sentries without having to rewire them.

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It just had the lifecycle event. (Event the device listens for = Player Knocked Out)

Ok, I’ll try that now to see if it works.

By the way, I tested it out on my end and it works, so it most likely isn’t a major bug.

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Thank you! I did “When event occurs transmit on (for example) pko1” and “deactivate sentry when receiving on pko1”


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