How to make an elimination tagging mechanism 2/10

This is a simple chain you can use to make hide and seek maps. It helps if you already know about all the basics. And, you also should be familiar with 2 (or 3 if you use the notification) of the devices.

You need:
1 Tag Zone (Entire Map format)
1 Team Switcher
1 Notification (optional)

Step 1. On the Tag Zone, make the “player tagged” channel transmitter “spectate.”
Step 2. On the Team Switcher, make the channel it is listening for “spectate.” Then, change the target team from random to specific. It should be set by default to spectators.
Step 3 (optional). Make the notification appear on “spectate.” Put in a message to players that says that someone has been tagged.

That is it. A simple tagging mechanism with no respawn. Tell me if this works or not as I’m away from my computer. See you next time!

I think this has already been made.

Nice guide and all…but remember to add images!

Edit: oh you’re right…the name is just weird.

Thanks for your feedback. I did not see another guide of this. And I did this on my phone away from Gimkit. I may add photos.

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That does not include tagging.