How to make an easy staircase

First you are going to want to something like this
Screenshot 2024-05-15 11.23.32 AM
Then you want dark poles like this

Then place them on the stairs like this
Screenshot 2024-05-15 11.24.28 AM
Then lastly you want to make three barriers getter darker to get this
Screenshot 2024-05-15 11.24.52 AM
And that is how you make an easy staircase


Great Guide! But, this is too short. People might flag this tbh.

Why there is nothing to make it complicated I made it easy so people would not struggle and made sure it was not copied from someone else

In my opinion, I think it’s great since my attention span is so low it can reach china. But, people will probably say this is too short and flag.

make this a mini guide so it doesn’t get flagged. idk if someone already made this but for now I like it.

Ok it is now a mini guide

this is definitely better than using wooden signs for stairs, good mini-guide

cool that works
originally I used a bookcase, but this works better

What if I want the fenceposts to be a different color? How do I do that?

change the tint of it in settings

You mean the dark wooden poles? Click on it, go to appearance on the right, and click “tint”

Ah. Thanks.

No problem! :+1: