How to make an arcade machine turn on and off

  1. First get both of the arcade machines (on and off)
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 12.55.05 PM
  2. Then get two zones and make them as small as possible
  3. Then put connect both zones to the arcade machine(off)

  4. Put the arcade machine(on) behind the other arcade machine(off)
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 1.13.36 PM
  5. Now put both of the zones in front of the arcade machine
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 1.22.22 PM
    Now your done but make sure it works
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 1.23.35 PM
    Screenshot 2023-12-29 1.23.25 PM
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You used the wrong tag. And there is a guide already.

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oh oops I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t know that

and also you could use a button anyway

or use a vending machine to make a realistic arcade experience

oh that’s a good idea!